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A webcomic about a Victorian Era Jersey Devil detective and his friends, in a world full of the unknown and the strange. By Reimena Yee

Announcement | 27th December 2016

Hey everyone! To new readers: welcome to The World in Deeper Inspection.

If you would like to read the entire first chapter of The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya  I suggest:
starting from the first page in the website OR collected in PDF format

Some fun news:
1. I’ve thumbnailed all of Chapter 2 of TCM. I can confirm it has 210 pages total, and I am in the middle of sketching all of them!
2. Y’all are gonna laugh at me for this but due to narrative reasons I’ve decided to publish the remaining 170 pages (starting from the recent update) ALL AT ONCE. YES. EVERYTHING TOGETHER. JUST A WHOLE ALBUM DROP.
3. Guess what? That means it will be some time before that big update. I am planning this to happen before New Year since I would like to start 2017 fresh with Chapter 3. Lol guys it is happening but family got in the way so I am thinking first week of January. Meanwhile pages will be updating as I complete each scene.
4. TCM Chapter 1 and 2 already has 338 pages total. And more once Chapter 3 and 4 are finished. It’s a lot of pages for one year from one person who has to deal with a thousand things at once. So I am quite pleased with myself.

Currently: chaplette vi – The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya

Next: The Ending Near the Beginning (Grimsley’s backstory)

Update Schedule: Mega update, beginning of January

Starts: – February 19 2016

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